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Montgomery, six others named finalists for Supreme Court vacancy

Just four months after he was rejected as an applicant for the Arizona Supreme Court, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is on the list of contenders for a seat on the high court, part of an unusually large list of finalists that Gov. Doug Ducey will choose from.

Judicial screening commissioner: Identity politics fuels critics of ‘white, Christian, cisgendered’ Montgomery

One of the newest members of the commission that vets Arizona Supreme Court candidates said that she believes much of the opposition to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s candidacy is due to the fact he’s a “conservative, white, Christian, cisgendered, heterosexual male.”

Man tackled by police during ICE protest seeks lawsuit: ‘My arrest is illegal’

Jorge Soria believes police racially profiled him, and Phil Martinez claimed police targeted him. “I know it was not a coincidence that both Phil and I are Latinos,” he said.

Montgomery has fostered anti-Muslim bias and shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court

Montgomery has used his power to perpetuate the hateful and deeply damaging biases vividly depicted in the recently exposed law enforcement Facebook posts. 

Sen. Leach shares fake anti-marijuana meme

Sen. Vince Leach, R-Tucson, shared a meme Monday afternoon from a parody group, but it appears the senator may not have been in on the joke.  Leach shared the photo along with a story by...

Immigration rally and arrests lead to criticism of Phoenix police handling of protests

“Close the camps! Free the children!” they chanted throughout the night.  

Where’s the transparency on Tempe’s license plate reader program?

Imagine my surprise when I found out my license plate was in the massive secret database used by the Tempe police.  It was a couple of years ago when my truck was photographed in my...

ADOT limits fed access to Arizona driver’s license photos

Recent reports by the New York Times and the Washington Post of documents obtained by the Georgetown Center on Privacy and Technology laid bare how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses statewide driver’s license...

Arizona police agencies gather & share license plate data, but few ensure rules are being followed

Every shift in Chandler, police officers in cars equipped with special cameras can be seen driving up and down every street in a neighborhood, gathering data on every vehicle in the area.  The cameras, known...

How do automated license plate readers work?

Automated license plate readers are high-speed cameras that take photographs of license plate numbers, capturing their geolocation along with the time and date. These cameras can be stationary, in which case they’re often attached to fixed locations such as exit ramps, telephone poles, traffic lights – or, in the case of Paradise Valley, fake roadside cacti. 
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