Criminal Justice & Policing

Women testify about squalid conditions in Border Patrol detention centers

Two women who were in Border Patrol custody in the Tucson Sector nearly four years apart described similar circumstances of freezing cells in squalid conditions, as a trial over the treatment of migrants in Southern Arizona continued for a second day.

Ducey’s bold plan for Arizona? A return to 2008 spending…eventually

We should realize the governor isn’t setting forth a bold, new vision for Arizona’s future, but rather placing us on a path to move back in time, specifically one more in line with the budget priorities of 2008, when a Democratic governor led the state.

Ducey touts investments in K-12, rural AZ in State of the State speech

Gov. Doug Ducey promised investments in schools, rural counties and tax cuts for veterans in his sixth State of the State speech Monday, but he shied away from criminal justice reform and sex ed changes  – two issues that will be hotly contested issues at the Capitol as the legislature kicks off its 2020 session.

4 things Ducey will discuss in his state of the state speech

Governors understandably like to keep their state of the state speeches under tight wraps so that their pronouncements land with the desired weight when the governor addresses the full legislature – and the state – from the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives.

Ducey wary about justice reform, sex ed changes; pledges new K-12 spending in 2020

If criminal justice reform advocates hope the 2020 legislative session will lead to more success than the disappointing 2019 session, they’ve got their work cut out for them, as Gov. Doug Ducey says the scope of reforms he’s open to are far more limited than what they’re seeking.

Bill would allow for ‘Brady List’ appeals, keep list of dishonest officers secret

A bill that is being championed by the local police union would allow officers to appeal being put on a list used by prosecutors that lets them know if an officer has been caught doing something dishonest – and make the entire list secret.

Sentencing reform debate shines light on lack of substance abuse treatment in prisons

Lawmakers’ ongoing discussions about sentencing reform have turned a spotlight on substance abuse treatment in Arizona prisons, and the stark lack of options for the more than three quarters of inmates who have addiction...

No plans for return of defeated sex offender registry bill

A proposal that would have allowed some people to have their names removed from Arizona’s sex offender registry appears unlikely to return in the upcoming legislative session.House Bill 2613, which Speaker Rusty Bowers sponsored...

Advocates push for sentencing reform at legislature and ballot box

Both at the Capitol and the ballot box, criminal justice reform advocates are hoping to make major strides in scaling back Arizona’s harsh sentencing requirements in 2020 after a year of disappointment in the...

Cuban asylum-seekers allege inhumane treatment, torture in AZ ICE facility

Dozens of Cuban asylum-seekers held in an Arizona detention center are denouncing what they say is inhumane treatment, psychological torture and prolonged imprisonment, according to a letter they sent to a local humanitarian aid group.
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