Schools need to be allowed to be creative, flexible to save this school year

This year, there will be no photos with backpacks. No shopping cart with supplies. This year, everything from sports seasons to in-person learning is TBD. The only sure things are uncertainty and stress.

Making COVID-19 testing easy, accurate and fast is critical to ending the pandemic

For many people in the U.S., getting tested for COVID-19 is a struggle. In Arizona, testing sites have seen lines of hundreds of cars stretching over a mile. In Texas and Florida, some people were waiting for five hours for free testing.

In Trump’s war on immigrants, his greatest foes are immigrants themselves

Since taking office, President Donald Trump’s attack on immigrants has been relentless.

$10 per person is simply not enough to deal with a public health crisis

It’s more important than ever to face an urgent truth—Arizona invests just $10 per person for state public health funding and by this measure ranks 49th in the nation,

Arizona deserves better than leaders who won’t deliver in a crisis

We love Arizona. Even the heat and the traffic—all of it. It is our home. Our people and our families are here, and we have built political power in our community for more than a decade. 

Arizona’s reluctant governor

Gov. Doug Ducey has been facing a storm of questions about whether or not he’s been slow to react to Arizona’s rising coronavirus numbers. Without fail, Ducey’s allies run to his defense, claiming the...

Arizonans can do without Ducey’s political snow job on COVID-19

Arizona doesn’t normally get snow in July, but Gov. Doug Ducey was shoveling it out at his most recent COVID-19 press conference.

Stronger clean energy standards will mean a stronger Arizona economy

Updating and improving the state’s energy policy for the utilities the ACC regulates could address two looming issues: COVID-19 job losses and the pollution that leads to climate change in Arizona.

What to the slave is the Fourth of July?

Editor’s note: In February 2017, while marking African American History Month, President Donald Trump praised Frederick Douglass as “an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.”...

Commitments to racial equity ring hollow when you endorse bigots

I believe many businesses and organizations will follow through on their promises, I also believe some are co-opting the moment in an attempt to garner positive PR while making little to no effort to change past discriminatory behaviors or policies.  
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