Shame on APS for squandered opportunities and poor planning

Granted, Arizona is experiencing the hottest summer on record, but given the many opportunities Arizona Public Service has purposely blown over the years to help customers, it is inexcusable for APS to now shift responsibility and ask customers to cut power use to prevent blackouts.

COVID-19 demands that Congress support Arizona’s Medicaid program

The COVID-19 pandemic has burdened an already strained health care system for months. For the most at-risk populations, including those with pre-existing conditions and Black and Latino communities, the virus has hit harder and the damage has been deeper. 

435,000 reasons to pay attention to the judges on your ballot

The nearly half a million voters who wanted a chance to vote for increased funding for public education were overruled by one judge.

Trump is willing to risk our children’s lives, as long as he gets re-elected

Now he’s risking the lives of our children. For months, President Trump has been telling us COVID-19 will magically disappear. 

We can’t fight COVID-19, rebuild the economy if we leave immigrant communities behind

By now, everyone knows that COVID-19 is a highly contagious and lethal disease for which we currently have no effective treatment or a vaccine.

Yes, kids can get COVID-19: What risks do they face at school?

We are asked almost daily about children and COVID-19: Do they get COVID-19? Should they attend day care or school, play sports, see friends and attend summer camps? What are the risks to themselves and to others?

Schools need to be allowed to be creative, flexible to save this school year

This year, there will be no photos with backpacks. No shopping cart with supplies. This year, everything from sports seasons to in-person learning is TBD. The only sure things are uncertainty and stress.

Making COVID-19 testing easy, accurate and fast is critical to ending the pandemic

For many people in the U.S., getting tested for COVID-19 is a struggle. In Arizona, testing sites have seen lines of hundreds of cars stretching over a mile. In Texas and Florida, some people were waiting for five hours for free testing.

In Trump’s war on immigrants, his greatest foes are immigrants themselves

Since taking office, President Donald Trump’s attack on immigrants has been relentless.

$10 per person is simply not enough to deal with a public health crisis

It’s more important than ever to face an urgent truth—Arizona invests just $10 per person for state public health funding and by this measure ranks 49th in the nation,
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