The AZGOP chair is calling on Democrats to roll GOP legislative leaders

Hell, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where even half of the GOP lawmakers support asking voters to increase the sales tax.

Instead of reforming charters, Ducey wants to reward bad actors

Instead of holding bad actors accountable, the governor is proposing large bonuses that will help some of the very schools who took advantage of lax regulations and filled their executives’ pockets with millions in taxpayer-funded largesse.

The 2019 legislative session that wasn’t

The legislative session is winding down, and — yet again — the needs of our children and our citizens have been neglected. I had hoped, given the results of the 2018 elections, that there...

Legally sanctioned homophobia still a mainstay of Arizona law

The long overdue repeal of the “no promo homo” law was the right thing to do. But the struggle to grant equal rights to Arizona’s LGBTQ community is far from over.

As a public health crisis looms, anti-government beliefs fuel counterproductive vaccination policies

The dramatic uptick in unvaccinated students in Arizona is what the beginning of a public health crisis looks like. Unfortunately, it’s entirely unclear what policymakers will do about it.

Why is my electricity bill funding political ads?

In just a few short years, the company used the profits they made off of its customers and shareholders to spend more than $52 million on electioneering.

Arizona’s internationally poor standing on teachers demands action, not a victory lap

New data that shows just how pitifully Arizona stacks up in education, both nationally and globally.

Arizona lawmakers have an idea for a reboot of ‘The Purge’

You’ve heard the bill. You’ve read the headlines. Now see the movie. Arizona Republican Party Films presents….THE PURGE! (In booming movie trailer voice.) “In a world where GOP state legislators want to block people’s right to vote just to...

Benson cartoons find a new home at the Arizona Mirror

Gannett's loss is the Mirror's gain: Announcing legendary cartoonist Steve Benson will be published twice a week by the Mirror.

The NRA will attack Mark Kelly. Let them.

If there was ever a time to fight the NRA, it’s now. And if there was ever a candidate perfectly suited to take on that fight, it’s Mark Kelly.
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