I worked at Homeland Security. The agency’s ‘shocking’ actions ignore constitutional basics.

During my work at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, I constantly met colleagues whose journeys brought them to DHS because they were moved by 9/11 or a passion to achieve immigration reform. These colleagues and their unique journeys often inspired me. 

Defending the 2020 election against hacking: 5 questions answered

Should people be worried? Yes, we should be worried. Four years ago, Russia managed to penetrate systems in several states but there’s no evidence that they “pulled the trigger” to take advantage of their penetration.

Russell Pearce wants to shame me for ‘destroying America,’ but he failed

I had the recent honor of being among those called “architects of the destruction of America” by former state Sen. Russell Pearce.

Arizona’s unemployment benefits are pitiful. Will voters demand a change?

As an Arizonan, I’ve become accustomed to my state placing near the very bottom on important measures of a state’s long-term health and stability, such as education and childhood poverty levels. So it’s no surprise that our state is nearly dead last in terms of unemployment benefits.

Reports of the Republican Party’s death are not greatly exaggerated

The Republican Party may not be dead yet, but it’s probably time to put it out of our misery.

Vaccine mandates vs. religious beliefs – the upcoming COVID-19 lawsuits

The longer COVID-19 rages on, the more the United States appears to be hanging its hopes on the development and rapid, mass distribution of a vaccine.

Out of ideas, Trump turns to his 2016 playbook – Make America fearful again

Four years ago, and on Thursday, Republicans claimed they had a bold, new vision for America. They don’t. They’re members of a party bereft of ideas that can only do one thing: Peddle division and fear.

I’ll be voting like my life depends on it – because it does

I grew up as a lifelong Republican in the rural Midwest. Four decades ago, I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan. Since then, I’ve made phone calls, knocked on doors, and donated time and money to elect anyone with an ‘R’ next to their name – and that was my plan for the rest of my life.

#InvestinEd is on the ballot, and the ‘Sky is falling!’ predictions are here

It seems the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is suffering from a full-blown case of Chicken Little syndrome.

Signed, sealed, delivered: What you need to know about voting by mail

2020 is a unique year, to say the least. We have been cooped up indoors as COVID-19 has shifted what we know as “normal.” However, one thing that doesn’t stop — rain, snow, or global pandemic — is the U.S. Postal Service. 
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