The crisis at the border won’t end until we admit we need immigrants at least as much as they...

When it comes to the subject of immigration, humanity and common sense matter.  That’s where every conversation on the topic should start.

Here’s what Ducey left out of his pitch to Californians

Ducey painted a flattering picture of Arizona as a place of small government and big innovation.  But he left something out: Californians, and anyone moving to Arizona, should know about its law enforcement

How the quest for significance and respect underlies the white supremacist movement

I am a psychologist who studies the human quest for significance and respect. My research reveals that this basic motivation is a major force in human affairs. It shapes the course of world history and determines the destiny of nations.

Gosar allies with racists, making it hard to take his ‘white racism’ denunciation seriously

Congressman Paul Gosar is no stranger to palling around with bigots and racists, making it hard to place much stock in his denunciations of “white racism” after he gave the headline speech at a white nationalist conference and sat through a blatantly racist speech given by the organizer.

Expanding KidsCare is an investment that will pay off

COVID has brought great uncertainty into our lives in this past year.  We worry about how it will affect our own health, our families and friends; how it will impact our jobs and our ability...

A counter-majoritarian party and its radically anti-democratic plan to keep power

It’s little wonder that the Republican Party is embracing counter-majoritarian policies: They know full well that they will lose their grip on power at the ballot box if they are forced to run on...

Democrats shouldn’t let Ducey play them on gambling expansion

I’ve got to hand it to Gov. Ducey: He really knows how to back Democrats into a corner.

It’s past time for cleaner cars on Arizona roadways

Just as the COVID-19 crisis was taking hold last year, the Trump administration made the reckless decision to abandon federal clean car standards, allowing auto manufacturers to veer away from building cleaner cars and trucks.

There’s nothing conservative about these GOP-backed anti-clean energy bills

A diverse energy portfolio that includes renewable energy, and especially solar in our sunny state, helps to create homegrown jobs, powers our economy and secures our energy future.

Domestic terrorists and GOP’s leaders have voting rights in their sights

One of our nation’s two major political parties has concluded that winning at all costs is more important than protecting our cherished right to hold free and fair elections.
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