To beat Trump in 2020, Dems need a candidate who understands political chaos theory

No matter who wins, Trump will accuse that Democrat of being a practicing socialist and, if history can be trusted, will be effective doing so.

If you support teachers, pay attention to the Corporation Commission

Last week’s spectacle at the Arizona Corporation Commission gave me heartburn.

Arizona’s natural beauty deserves a fully funded Land and Water Conservation Fund

When people across the country think about Arizona, they imagine images of the Grand Canyon and our vast deserts dotted with saguaros as nature’s skyscrapers. What they don’t consider is the effort that goes into protecting some of our most beautiful and important public lands. 

As I lay dying

“If the killer had waited just a few days to kill a bunch Hispanics, we could have been in Walmart that day when he opened fire.” It takes my breath away to think about it.

Arizona’s ESA school voucher program shares problems California’s Medicaid system

What do California’s Medicaid program and Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts school vouchers have in common?  The California state auditor flagged $4 billion in questionable payments made by that state’s Medi-Cal program (their version of Medicaid)...

Despite changes in leadership, APS’s influence remains strong at the Corporation Commission

Unelected staffers at the commission have brazenly continued to advocate anti-consumer positions favorable to APS on issue after issue. In doing so, APS’s interests have been protected at the expense of ratepayers. 

The biggest fight over education funding isn’t who gets the money, it’s who benefits most

If there’s one thing a majority of Arizona voters seem to agree on, it’s that our state does a poor job of funding its public schools.

Native American forum draws 11 candidates, including first Navajo to seek the Oval Office

The forum’s success – 11 candidates addressed the forum, eight in person and three via live video feeds – is the latest sign that issues impacting communities of color, for better or for worse, promise to be front-and-center in this election cycle.

We need the whole truth on Montgomery and Martinez

Montgomery chose this weak response – chose to protect a powerful man over the women in the County Attorney’s office and the entire justice system – despite a written record that Martinez’s misconduct goes back 30 years.

AZ Republicans take a giant step backwards on immigration and race

Once upon a time, not long ago, in a land called Arizona, there was a group of Republican politicians who wanted to shed the state’s post-SB1070 nativist image.
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