Women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Will we help them?

Nearly three million American women have suddenly vanished, and we have no idea if they’ll ever return. We of course mean the women who have been forced to drop out of the labor force over the past year in a COVID-related exodus that will have an impact lasting generations.  

Editor’s Thought Bubble: The Senate’s election audit clown show

Senate Republicans have so far defended Chief Auditor Doug Logan (of the oh-so-professionally named firm Cyber ​​Ninjas) as perfectly qualified to lead the audit of all 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County in...

Ducey disses V.P., mangles her name in embarrassing show of disrespect

Gov. Doug Ducey crossed the line with his attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris, who he called “the worst possible choice” to lead the Biden administration’s efforts to curb migration at our southern border.  

How do we resolve humanity’s perennial sin?

White Europeans didn’t invent supremacy, though it’s probably fair to say that an ugly lot among them perfected it. 

Editor’s Thought Bubble: The #StopTheSteal audit was always going to be this way

It took me less than an hour to find the multitude of tweets that the lead auditor, a Florida man named Doug Logan, had sent from a Twitter account that he deleted sometime in January.

Granting D.C. statehood would honor freedom during this holy season

There is no way for us to reconcile our biblical responsibilities to one another with disenfranchising our brethren in the nation’s capital. Passover and Easter both carry powerful messages that my liberation is bound to yours, and yours to mine. 

Editor’s Thought Bubble: Ducey doesn’t care if we get sick

Make no mistake: The Ducey administration does not care how many of us get sick. Their entire mitigation strategy isn't built around protecting your well-being, but around making sure enough of us don't get sick that we fill up hospital beds.  

Arizona’s senseless restrictions compromised my access to care

My husband and I were delighted to learn we were expecting twins just three weeks after our wedding at my “advanced maternal age” of 37. Our joy abruptly dissipated when we discovered that our son had a critical heart defect that was causing blood to pump into his lungs.

Business groups said improving education was key, but they’ve chosen tax cuts over our kids

These same business groups that want quality schools also want more tax cuts. And tax cuts always win out over investments, regardless of how dire the need.

Karen Fann owns this farcical crusade to prove Trump isn’t a big loser

Senate President Karen Fann is too weak or too gullible or too ambitious to have done the right thing and stood up for our elections.
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