Biden’s not-so-secret superpower

America, where do we go from here? It’s a fair and necessary question.

Violent extremists stand with Donald Trump — as do many of my Marine buddies

We will remember the attacks of Jan. 6 with the same horror as we remember the terrorist attacks of 9/11. While there was far less loss of life at the U.S. Capitol, our loss of national dignity was far worse.

Ducey’s attempt to hand-wave away our COVID crisis only highlights his failure

Maybe if Doug Ducey had donned a brown hooded robe or grown a trim white beard, his Obi Wan Kenobi impression would have worked and the Jedi mind trick he tried to pull off Monday would have been successful.

The rioters and Capitol Police will be punished, but not the instigators and enablers? How is that fair?

I have no empathy for the insurrectionists who tore through the Capitol, intent on overturning the results of our election and installing Donald Trump as some sort of king. Many will be fired from their jobs and end up in prison, which is exactly what they deserve.

Trump must resign now to spare America any more damage

The presidency of Donald J. Trump must end now. He must resign.

Our home was attacked Wednesday. It may never be the same.

WASHINGTON — Many of us in our working lives have places away from the office that feel like a second home. It could be a back room at a business, a warehouse, a barn, even the front seat of a car.

What happened in Washington should never be forgotten or forgiven. The GOP must answer for it.

Never in the history of this nation have we seen violent mobs attempt to overtake and overthrow our duly elected representatives in the Capitol itself.

Conservative media can’t see that women like Jill Biden are more than their marital status

Like women who choose to use Ms. instead of Mrs. or Miss, Biden has a title that does not designate marital status. And for people like Joseph Epstein, that’s Jill Biden’s real transgression.

Will the Joe Biden administration ‘look like America’?

There’s a political puzzle being solved in Washington, largely behind the scenes, as President-elect Joe Biden settles on a slew of cabinet appointments he’s promised will “look like America.”

Arizona’s government is paralyzed by extremist Republicans, endangering us all

The Arizona Republican Party is fracturing under the pressure of its own extremist philosophies, and the people of Arizona are paying the price.  
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