Liz Cheney was right: We must defend America from Trump’s election falsehoods

The Republican civil war is raging and the party's defenders of democracy are losing. On Wednesday, Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who’s best described as a traditional, establishment conservative, was unceremoniously booted from her job as...

Arizona audit ignores federal law on election records

Arizona’s faux audit of 2020 ballots fails to comply with the federal election records retention law, further undermining the integrity of the exercise with the possibility of illegality. This law, which has been on the...

Men are slaughtering millions of preborn babies every day with no consequences

Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican legislators want you to believe they’re defenders of the preborn. They recently bestowed civil rights to fetuses, while criminalizing doctors who terminate pregnancies based on “genetic abnormalities.” But what about...

Recovery should be our biggest priority right now. Conservative posturing is a distraction.

Few need a reminder that we are in the middle of an economic contraction and a sustained public health emergency. But apparently, some Republican officials do.

The GOP is now the Grand Old Potato Head Party

In the wake of the recent uproar by GOP leaders over Hasbro’s decision to  add a gender-neutral Potato Head to its traditional Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toy collection, Mr. Head has apparently found a new vocation moonlighting as a high-dollar consultant for Republican politicos.

Biden’s American Jobs Plan is a plan for prosperity in Arizona

The American Jobs Plan is our road to thousands of good-paying, union jobs in clean energy as a nation and as a state.

Editor’s Thought Bubble: A victory for media access is a victory for the public

As of yesterday afternoon, local reporters were allowed into Veterans Memorial Coliseum to do their jobs covering the audit being conducted by Senate Republicans and their team of thoroughly biased, conspiracy-theory-spreading, auditors who sought to overturn the 2020 election because they disagreed with the outcome.

Interstate water wars are heating up along with the climate

Interstate water disputes are as American as apple pie. States often think a neighboring state is using more than its fair share from a river, lake or aquifer that crosses borders.

Who benefits from Ducey’s border theatrics?

Gov. Ducey has a rare opportunity to help pass comprehensive immigration reform. But immigration scare tactics win elections.

This time, at least, the system got it right

It was the only logical and moral conclusion, and still it seemed almost unimaginable.
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