Civil Rights

Class action lawsuit filed against City of Phoenix, police chief for mass arrests

Twenty three people who Phoenix police rounded up and arrested for unfounded felony rioting charges filed a federal class action lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Police Chief Jeri Williams and three other employees of the Phoenix Police Department.

The say their landlord ignored them and retaliated against them. Now they’re suing.

Marc Collymore and Ashley Abrams moved to Tempe from Austin, Texas, to be closer to the Mayo Clinic for Collymore’s medical needs, but over the course of several months they would spend more time...

Justice Department raises concerns with audit

The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Senate President Karen Fann to explain what steps she’s taking to make sure the election audit she ordered doesn’t violate federal laws prohibiting voter intimidation and requiring...

Derek Chauvin found guilty on 3 charges in murder of George Floyd

The jury has spoken, and found Derek Chauvin guilty in the death of George Floyd. The former Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd, who was handcuffed and face down on the pavement, for more than 9 minutes at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue last May. 

Arizona’s past with neo-Nazis is colliding with its political present

In February 2012, the nation’s eyes were on Mesa as the four remaining Republican candidates for president debated. Among those eyes were those of FBI agents who were keeping tabs on a local Neo-Nazi by the name of JT Ready who was amongst the attendees at the Mesa Arts Center. 

The Derek Chauvin trial looks like David v. Goliath, but it’s not

On the ninth day of testimony during one of the most significant police brutality cases in U.S. history, Derek Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson began to lose his voice.

Derek Chauvin won’t testify in his own defense; closing arguments Monday

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin opted not to take the stand Thursday in the last day of testimony during his murder trial. 

Defense pathologist says manner of George Floyd’s death ‘undetermined’

Testimony in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial is nearing the end. Jurors heard from a Maryland forensic pathologist Wednesday who said George Floyd died of sudden cardiac arrest due to heart disease while being restrained by three Minneapolis police officers. 

Derek Chauvin trial: Defense begins presenting case Tuesday

After 11 days of testimony, the prosecution is wrapping up its case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. 

Medical examiner stands by homicide determination in Derek Chauvin trial

Hennepin County’s chief medical examiner told the jury he stood by his initial conclusion that George Floyd died when his heart and lungs stopped after Derek Chauvin and other Minneapolis police officers subdued and restrained him, compressing his neck.
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