City of Phoenix

Phoenix police union: Mayor Gallego and council engaged in ‘war on cops’

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is accusing Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and the city council of fomenting a “war on cops” in the city, is holding special meetings all week to discuss recent disciplinary actions against police officers.

App with controversial background launches in Phoenix

A recently launched app in Phoenix that aims to give residents the same information 911 dispatchers have and more has a controversial past and unclear intentions.

Anti-light rail committee amends campaign finance reports

Building a Better Phoenix, the political action committee that led the campaign to halt light rail expansion in the city, amended two campaign finance reports in the wake of a campaign finance complaint alleging it inaccurately reported the source of $40,000 in contributions.

Anti-light rail committee misses deadline to respond to complaint

The committee that led the fight to halt future light rail construction in Phoenix missed a deadline to respond to a complaint alleging that it falsely reported the source of $40,000 in contributions.

Court says Phoenix company doesn’t have to make invitations for same-sex weddings

A divided Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday that the City of Phoenix’s nondiscrimination ordinance can’t force a Christian-owned company to create custom invitations for same-sex weddings.

Stiffest opposition to Prop. 105 came from areas with light rail lines or plans

Voters in almost all Phoenix neighborhoods where light rail exists or is planned were among the most staunchly opposed to Prop. 105, an Arizona Mirror analysis finds.

How a 19-year-old Phoenix native is making Phoenix discuss facial recognition tech

Eric Brock Jr. has worked for Treasurer Kimberley Yee, Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Congressman David Schweikert and started the first African American student association at his old high school. Now, at the age of 19, he is taking on how the City of Phoenix uses facial recognition technology.

Conservative group leader says he didn’t make Prop 105 contributions

The head of a prominent conservative advocacy group said he didn’t give $40,000 to the campaign against light rail expansion in Phoenix, and that the contributions attributed to him actually came from his organization and an associated political action committee.

Phoenix voters reject measures to block light rail projects, limit budget growth

Phoenix voters voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to allow light rail expansion projects to continue, including one in South Phoenix that has residents concerned about how it will change their neighborhoods.

Effort to kill light rail bankrolled by less than a dozen people, records show

A broad coalition of companies, nonprofit organizations, individuals and political action committees has invested nearly one million dollars in the effort to preserve Phoenix’s long-planned light rail expansion, a sharp contrast with the small group of about 10 well-heeled individuals who have financed the effort to stop any future light rail projects.
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