Capitol Hill

Sinema is most bipartisan Senate Democrat: report

Arizona’s senior senator is the most bipartisan Democrat in the U.S. Senate so far in the current congressional term, a new analysis finds.

McSally open but noncommittal on gun legislation

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally will soon be a central player in the congressional debate over gun control legislation. The freshman Republican, who was appointed to fill the seat of the late Sen. John McCain and...

Dispatchers in Phoenix seek PTSD help, first responder status

Emergency service dispatchers in Phoenix are gearing up for a meeting with city officials in an attempt to shore up emergency funding for staff, new systems and therapy resources as nationally, dispatchers are awaiting a decision in Washington D.C. that could impact how they are classified.

Gosar backs anti-Muslim activist Loomer in congressional bid

Congressman Paul Gosar has endorsed the congressional campaign of Laura Loomer, an anti-Muslim activist and far-right provocateur .

Response to weekend mass shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation

Here are the social media responses to the shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation, along with how much money they have received from gun-rights and gun-control groups during their congressional campaigns.

Frustrated AZ Republicans adapt to life as a political minority on Capitol Hill

Life in the U.S. House minority is no fun. That, at least, is the view of Rep. David Schweikert, one of four Arizona Republicans in the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress.

Climate experts say Trump’s Interior Department is sidelining scientists

The Trump administration has been sidelining researchers and suppressing climate change science at the U.S. Interior Department, experts warned Congress last week.

Biggs 1 of only 3 votes against anti-robocall bill

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs was one of only three members of the U.S. House of Representatives to vote against a bill aimed at curbing robocalls.

10 presidential hopefuls stress civil rights bona fides at NAACP forum

Ten candidates in the crowded 2020 presidential field made their case as civil rights champions Wednesday, on the closing day of the national NAACP convention in Detroit.

Mueller botched Rep. Stanton’s question. The answer: Ronald Reagan

Things got a little awkward on Wednesday after former special counsel Robert Mueller whiffed a softball question lobbed by Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton.
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