Arizonans received $258M in unemployment benefits the last two weeks

The Arizona Department of Economic Security said Monday it has sent out $257.8 million in unemployment benefits to thousands of jobless residents in the past two weeks. 

‘Operation Gridlock’ protesters decry ‘fake’ pandemic, restrictions

Conservatives angry about the catastrophic economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and government restrictions on businesses and citizens drove around the state Capitol Sunday in protest, hoping to persuade Gov. Doug Ducey to lift his stay-at-home order and “re-open” Arizona.

Rally to ‘re-open’ Arizona planned in defiance of COVID-19 stay-at-home order

Conservatives angry about the economic damage caused by Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order closing nonessential businesses and ordering Arizonans to stay home are planning an April 20 rally across the street from the Capitol to call on the governor to “re-open” Arizona.

Winslow cites business owner for trying to skirt Ducey’s shutdown order

Winslow city officials are trying to determine whether a small business owner they accused of violating Gov. Doug Ducey’s order closing nonessential businesses can keep his Native American jewelry store open now that he also sells candy bars, dog food and hay. 

SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program set to run out of money

As congressional leaders wrangle over a new infusion of cash, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program was expected to run out of money Wednesday

Arizonans on the edge are faced with tough choices about COVID-19

As the death count mounts nationwide in the wake of the rapid spread of COVID-19, I keep thinking about all of the people who are falling through the cracks.

Almost 40% of Arizonans live in ‘health care shortage’ areas

About 2.8 million Arizonans – nearly two in every five – live in an area that the federal government says has a health care shortage. For many of those people, particularly in rural Arizona, that lack of care could complicate treatment in the COVID-19 pandemic.

DES: $600 federal unemployment checks, more state aid coming this week

Arizonans out of work because of COVID-19 began receiving the $600 weekly unemployment aid from the federal government on Monday morning.

Ducey rebuffs calls to quickly re-open Arizona’s economy

As voices on the right grow louder in demanding that the economic lockdown come to an end, Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday expressed an eagerness to reopen Arizona’s economy, but said he won’t do so until it’s safe.

Tensions skyrocket as COVID-19 fears grip Arizona detention center

Rodrigo Martínez was certain he had a fever. Gasping for air, he said, felt like breathing pepper. It burned. 
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