COVID-19 relief proposal would extend Paycheck Protection Program

Small businesses struggling under the weight of the COVID-induced economic slump or government mandates limiting their operations may soon get a new lifeline.

What to do if you’ve been evicted or are facing eviction during COVID-19

Legal advocates have discovered that hundreds of tenants in Pima County may have been illegally evicted despite CARES Act restrictions. The courts have taken steps to stop this from happening to more people, but how can you tell if this happened to you, and what can you do if it has? 

Arizona delegation looks for changes to Native aid in next relief package

Arizona’s Native American tribes are among the worst-hit jurisdictions in the world by COVID-19. 

Thousands of evictions loom as moratorium set to expire this month

Legal advocates are preparing for what could be a tsunami of evictions in the next few weeks when a temporary state ban on most evictions expires. But there is evidence that hundreds of evictions have been filed in violation of a federal ban in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which Arizona businesses got paycheck protection loans?

More than 81,000 emergency loans worth as much as $13 billion were made to Arizona small businesses under the Paycheck Protection Program aimed at saving a reported 680,000 jobs, according to data released July 7 by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Arizona schools have leaked 2.8 million records since 2005

A report analyzing data from the past 15 years found that schools in Arizona have leaked more than 2.83 million records containing personal information of students in the past 15 years. 

Arizona jobless rate drops sharply, but still at twice pre-COVID levels

Arizona posted one of the sharpest unemployment drops in the country in May, falling from a historic high of 13.4% in April to 8.9% last month, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Arizona’s first Capitol monument was to Confederate troops. Why?

The Arizona Department of Administration is looking into what kind of process may be needed to remove a monument to Confederate soldiers at the state Capitol, but state law leaves the decision up to the agency’s director, and, by inference, his boss, Gov. Doug Ducey.

The ‘historical silence’ of the Black workers who made Phoenix prosperous

Big Pete Pearson, Arizona’s King of Blues, writhed in pain every night before collapsing into an unsettled slumber. Markings from cotton burrs pierced his dark, rugged skin and burns from the blistering sun seemed to be tattooed on his hands.

DACA ruling a victory, but push for permanent status continues

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Thursday to block the Trump administration from ending a program that shields thousands of immigrants who arrived in the country as children from deportation offered relief to Arizona recipients and advocates, but no permanent answers. 
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