Corpus Christi Diocese sued under Arizona sex abuse law

This story deals with sexual abuse and assault of minors. If you or someone you know has been a victim of this crime call 800-656-HOPE for 24/7 help and support. A pair of lawsuits filed...

Pendley’s BLM decisions in Western states targeted for rollback

A federal judge’s ruling that the acting head of the Bureau of Land Management was serving unlawfully in that position could have implications for dozens of decisions the agency made across the West during the past 15 months—including in Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

McSally votes to bar DOJ from support ACA repeal lawsuit

Martha McSally joined several other vulnerable Republican senators in voting with Democrats to bar the U.S. Department of Justice from supporting a lawsuit the U.S. Supreme Court will take up in November that aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

All Arizona counties meet benchmarks for closed businesses to reopen

All 15 of Arizona’s counties now meet benchmarks to reopen indoor gyms, bars and movie theaters that were shut down during the coronavirus pandemic. 

American Indian tribes ‘very close to reaching a breaking point’ in COVID-19 response

WASHINGTON — Native American tribes are facing a dire situation from the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing some of them to a breaking point, American Indian health leaders told members of Congress Wednesday.

Arizona has deep QAnon ties, including its politicians

Ethan Watkins was deeply troubled by the responses he was getting in his late-night text exchange last month as he pressed his friend on QAnon, the dangerous conspiracy theory that has been linked to...

As COVID death toll nears 200K, AZ groups point to GOP’s ‘lack of leadership’

A small group of people with Progressive Democrats of America and the community group Living United for Change Arizona descended on the Arizona Republican Party headquarters in Phoenix on Thursday to draw attention to the thousands of lives lost during the pandemic. 

Proposal would extend Census collection to improve Native headcounts

A bill introduced Monday in Congress would extend 2020 Census operations through October, instead of the pending Sept. 30 deadline imposed by the Trump administration.

Putting the ‘independent’ in the Independent Redistricting Commission

The pool of applicants who are vying for a chance to serve as the all-important chair of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission includes a lot of people with no discernible ties to the political world, while others have backgrounds that might be red flags for the Democrats and Republicans who want the tiebreaker vote to be as neutral — or perhaps as friendly to their own interests — as possible.

Trump campaign grants right-wing extremist group media passes in Phoenix

A group that has created fake media passes and has been sued for harassing Phoenix-area churches was given press passes to President Donald Trump’s arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor by the Trump campaign.  AZ Patriots,...
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