Trump rally tallies: President has unpaid bills for Arizona events

President Donald Trump brought thousands out to his rally Wednesday at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. What he likely did not bring was $145,000 to reimburse local governments for costs from previous rallies in Arizona.

Bonding over baklava: Lawrence meets with refugee advocates

Refugee advocates met with Rep. Jay Lawrence last week to get the Republican lawmaker who said “I don’t want refugees settled here” to support two legislative proposals welcoming adults and children fleeing war and persecution around the world to Arizona.

Arizona a top Dem priority for president, Senate, legislature

In their effort to defeat President Donald Trump, win a U.S. Senate seat and flip control of the state legislature, Arizona Democrats are launching what they say will be their largest-ever effort to organize voter outreach.

Ransomware attacks on health care industry have exposed 11k AZ patients

Ransomware attacks have exposed the records of more than 11,000 patients in Arizona and cost health care providers up to $4.2 million, according to researchers.

Tesla bill moves forward, amid concerns from aftermarket dealers

Legislation that would allow police to ticket Tesla drivers who attempt to circumvent safety features that are part of the cars’ self-driving mode moved forward Wednesday, despite concerns from aftermarket auto dealers who expressed concerns that the bill would tie their hands.

Bills seek more data privacy protection for Arizonans

Two bills being proposed in the Arizona legislature would add extra layers of data privacy protections for Arizonans, as well as give them the power to hold those who collect it accountable.

An open ethics process is essential if Republicans truly want accountability

Republicans in the Arizona State House of Representatives are considering changing their ethics rules to make it more difficult to submit complaints. It’s hard to imagine a worse time for a change like this.

Iowans in Queen Creek choose Amy Klobuchar in first-ever AZ caucus

As Democratic officials scramble in Iowa to pick up the pieces after a disastrous caucus night that has left the nation waiting to learn who won, the state’s earliest gathering of voters happened in a decidedly non-Iowan venue and had a clear outcome.

Rep. Rivero blocks private border wall bill

Peoria Republican Tony Rivero cast the deciding vote Thursday, joining with Democrats to defeat a measure spearheaded by a GOP leader that sought to ease construction of a private border wall in Arizona.

Bill lets rape victims sever parental rights of rapists without conviction

Sexual assault victims would be able to sever the parental rights of their attackers if the assault led to a child, even if the perpetrator was never convicted, under a new proposal from a Democratic senator.
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