‘Trumpstock’ loses event permit, will move to pizza restaurant

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Oval Office of the White House on Oct. 2, 2019. Photo by Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images

The “Trumpstock” event that aims to bring together elected officials, candidates and QAnon musicians, has lost its permits to take place at the Mohave County Fairgrounds and now will be taking place at a pizza restaurant in Golden Valley, an unincorporated community just west of Kingman. 

Kingman city officials revoked the permits for the three-day event, which is scheduled to begin tomorrow, because organizers failed to provide sufficient security, according to a report by Today’s News-Herald, a newspaper in Lake Havasu City. 

The event will now take place at Great American Pizza in Golden Valley instead. Trumpstock organizer Laurie Bezick told the Havasu newspaper that the property will have plenty of space to accommodate the speakers and crowds she was anticipating. 

“The pizza place is on several acres of private property,” Bezick said. 

The announcement about Trumpstock losing its permits was made on the Mohave County Fairgrounds Facebook account. The comments section on the post was flooded with pro- and anti-Trumpstock messages. 

Bezick claimed to the News-Herald that the move by Kingman officials was politically motivated. 

“They don’t seem to be as supportive of our president and of veterans as we hoped,” Bezick told the newspaper.

Tickets cost between $50 and $125 and the event’s website states that a portion of proceeds will go to first responders and veterans. Bezick said she is working with Lake Havasu-based non-profit Veterans United Arizona. It is unclear how much of the proceeds will go to the organization.

Previously, Bezick had told the Arizona Mirror that the Arizona Republican Party had been attempting to sabotage the event. 

This isn’t the first roadblock the event has encountered. 

Last week Bezick put out a call for 15 RVs to house VIP speakers in and two prominent elected officials who were previously listed as speakers pulled out. One of them said he had never agreed to speak at the event. 

Other speakers include former revenge pornographer turned U.S. Senate hopeful Craig Brittian and right-wing extremist Jennifer Harrison, the leader of AZ Patriots. State legislator Kelly Townsend, a Republican from Mesa, and U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, are also planning to attend. 

Among the scheduled entertainers is rapper Nitemare, whose lyrics have called former President Barack Obama a “queer” and a “Muslim.” He also has songs accusing Hillary Clinton and other politicians are involved in the sex trafficking of children, which is part of a conspiracy theory referred to as QAnon.

Nitemare isn’t the only QAnon singer performing at the event. 

Musician Mona Fishman, who frequently posts references to QAnon and other conspiracies on her Twitter feed, is also scheduled to perform.


  1. Give your money directly to the first responders and veterans. Stay home and watch reruns of Nazi speeches if you are inclined that way.

  2. How can they hold an event charging $50 AND having alcohol at the last minute? It takes 3-4 weeks to get a special alcohol permit(even if the pizza place serves alcohol–it cannot be taken out of the premises and served in the open. Does she even have security lined up? She does need a new county permit too. What about porta-potties? A certain amount are required. She needs some super fencing placed around the perimeter, otherwise there will be no real control on paying customers. She was looking for RVs just last week. Are there any blocks of rooms set up at motels in Kingman? So much is wrong here. County liability requirements as well. So many probable violations. This is the land version of the Titanic. The iceberg is missing, tho. Reminds me, lol, will they have enough ice?

    • To rent porta-potties and security fencing requires a cash deposit, or a credit card they can put a locked charge on. Same with renting blocks of motel rooms – if you can’t front them the money, they don’t take your reservations.

      And this bunch has a real cash flow problem.

  3. Generally speaking, “a portion of the proceeds” indicates a tiny amount. When an organizational donor is making a legitimate donation they will generally say an amount or percentage.

    By the way, virtually all of the counter jars you see are fakes, using this vague nomenclature to provide donations that amount to a tiny fraction of one percent to the charities from which they steal derivative legitimacy. Often charaties don’t even know they’re part of the scam.

    “A potion of the proceeds” should be a warning flag and is not usually a reason to give.


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