The AZGOP chair is calling on Democrats to roll GOP legislative leaders

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward speaks at an April 24, 2019, press conference supporting an increase in the state sales tax to provide more funds to education. Photo by Jerod MacDonald-Evoy | Arizona Mirror

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward made several interesting statements during her press conference today backing an increase in the sales tax to fund public education.

For instance, she said that “young, suburban women have drifted to the socialist side” and that they will be lured back to the GOP by this tax-increase proposal. And she said Republicans are the true champions of education funding in Arizona, a statement that can charitably be described as “gaslighting.”

But what stuck out the most to me was when Ward challenged legislative Democrats to support a pair of measures sponsored by Republicans that would let voters increase the sales tax from 0.6 cents to 1 cent.

On the other hand, Democrats like to talk a big game, but too often they use constituents as political pawns, and then vote against teachers and students when it matters most,” she said, openly daring Democratic lawmakers to back the legislation.

Let’s think about this for a second. The measures in question, Senate Concurrent Resolution 1001 and House Concurrent Resolution 2024, are effectively dead. They were killed by Republican leaders in each chamber, and neither piece of legislation ever received a floor vote.

If, by some miracle, they are revived before the legislative session ends, it strains credulity to think that the measures can pass either the House or the Senate with just Republican support. Hell, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where even half of the GOP lawmakers support asking voters to increase the sales tax.

The only way they pass is with strong Democratic support.

That means the head of the Arizona Republican Party is challenging the Democrats to support rolling the Republican legislative leadership to allow for a tax increase.

I bet House Speaker Rusty Bowers and Senate President Karen Fann love that. Maybe they’ll tell Ward as much tonight at the AZGOP’s annual Legislative Salute fundraiser.

Jim Small
Jim Small is a native Arizonan and has covered state government, policy and politics since 2004, with a focus on investigative and in-depth policy reporting, first as a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, then as editor of the paper and its prestigious sister publications, the Yellow Sheet Report and Arizona Legislative Report. Under his guidance, the Capitol Times won numerous state, regional and national awards for its accountability journalism and probing investigations into state government operations.


  1. It seems to me several in the GOP are always ready to find a way to take in more dollars to fund government and all to often use the excuse of it’s for the children. There must be a fundamental restructuring of the AZ Constitution when it comes to Education which would give the State Legislature more over sight in how the monies given School Districts who all seem to have different agendas for how these monies would be spent before giving them anymore funds.
    We’ve all seen in the past all to often that most times the monies never reach the classrooms and the proof is in how well the children are doing when it comes to basic Reading and Math skills and have no reason to believe just throwing more dollars at the Schools would change that. We need to restructure the Procurement process in AZ Statewide which I believe would save Millions if not Hundreds of Millions as has been done in the pvt. sector and that alone would give the all Schools the necessary funds to improve the Schools platforms, however this to must still be proceeded by a Fundamental Restructuring of the AZ Constitution so the Districts can be held accountable and the Voters who pay the Bills get no more of the same old excuses from those who Tax and Spend that we must allow the Schools to do as they wish basically as they’re at this point not subject to real over sight and thereby have wasted Hundreds of Millions of Dollars already and can’t be trusted not to repeat the behavior of the past in the future, so in closing fix the system before one more dollar is given to those in charge who’ve been failing our children for decades now. I hope Dr. Ward stops pandering to both sides and using the Tax Payers own Monies to buy Votes.
    God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk


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