Paradise Valley Comm College also targeted for white supremacist org recruiting

The white supremacist group that posted stickers at two university campuses in Phoenix area last weekend also targeted Paradise Valley Community College in its recruiting drive.

The group, Patriot Front, posted pictures on Twitter showing its stickers on the northeast Phoenix community college’s campus. 

Maricopa County Community College District spokesman Matt Hasson said work was underway to remove the stickers from the campus and to determine if any other campus had been targeted. 

As noted in a Sept. 30 story, Patriot Front plastered stickers across Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and the Phoenix campus of Grand Canyon University.

The group, which defines itself as American fascists or American nationalists focused on preserving the country’s white identity, was formed in 2017 after it split off from Vanguard America, another white nationalist organization. It has been known in part for its flyering of college campuses and stickering of communities that it is known to be in. 

patriot front racist flier
A Patriot Front flier distributed on college campuses in November 2018. Photo courtesy Anti Defamation League.

Patriot Front is also known for spreading anti-Semitic imagery on college campuses as recently as 2018.


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