Ducey backs Trump’s tariffs against Mexico

Gov. Doug Ducey speaks at a November 2016 rally in Mesa for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Photo by Gage Skidmore | Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

In a series of tweets, Gov. Doug Ducey voiced support of for President Donald Trump’s plan to implement a series of progressively increasing tariffs on Mexican imports in response to a surge of migrants — mostly families with children — from Central America that has overwhelmed U.S. border officials.

Ducey said that national security is at risk, and that takes precedence over commerce with the state’s largest international trading partner, despite his general opposition to tariffs.

Trump late Thursday afternoon announced that he would impose a 5-percent tariff on all goods imported from Mexico beginning June 10.  That rate will increase by five percentage points a month until October, when it reaches 25 percent, and Trump said it will remain at that level “until the illegal immigration problem is remedied.”

Although Trump has said in the past that tariffs are paid for by the countries on which they are imposed, the reality is that American consumers and businesses who buy foreign goods actually pay the cost.

One of Ducey’s strongest allies, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Glen Hamer, has already voiced opposition to the tariffs and told Capitol Media Services their implementation is “baffling and, if carried out, will be terribly damaging.”

He said there are about 300,000 jobs in the state − close to 10 percent of the economy − that are linked to tourism, with Mexican visitors spending $7.5 million a day in Arizona. And Hamer said that for many border area communities more than half their sales taxes can be linked to cross-border visitors.

Hamer said it’s already difficult for Mexican visitors to get into this country.

“I would suspect that if our friends from Mexico feel that this is an unfairly targeted tariff they may be less likely to visit the United States,” he said.


Jim Small
Jim Small is a native Arizonan and has covered state government, policy and politics since 2004, with a focus on investigative and in-depth policy reporting, first as a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, then as editor of the paper and its prestigious sister publications, the Yellow Sheet Report and Arizona Legislative Report. Under his guidance, the Capitol Times won numerous state, regional and national awards for its accountability journalism and probing investigations into state government operations.


  1. Thank you for this story. Unfortunately, it leaves out two important points. I live in Tucson, and it is now more difficult to cross that border. I have friends who actually live in Nogales, Arizona, who have stopped going over — because of the Border Patrol. Second point: the United States created this problem with intervention in Central America, dating back to the 1920s, but came full bloom during the Reagan years. This country created the problem and has done nothing to solve it. We are paying the price.

  2. This is typical Ducey. Greasing his political way to something other than Governor. To hell with Arizona residents, particularly seniors who will have to bear the cost increases.

  3. everyone needs to stop calling them tariffs. they’re taxes. american citizens are the ones that pay when they buy stuff imported from these countries. we need to call them “Trump Taxes”

  4. Ducey’s support of Trump’s hyper-inflationary tax increases are troubling. Retired on a fixed income my wife and I are in good shape as long as we don’t tilt the economy into hyper-inflation — which is what Ducey is ecouraging. It appears Trump really doesn’t understand he is enacting hyperinflationary tax increases. Does Ducey?


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