Anti-light rail committee amends campaign finance reports

Next stop, progress

Building a Better Phoenix, the political action committee that led the campaign to halt light rail expansion in the city, amended two campaign finance reports in the wake of a campaign finance complaint alleging it inaccurately reported the source of $40,000 in contributions.

The Phoenix City Clerk’s office said the committee on Friday submitted two amended reports showing that it received $10,000 from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group, and $30,000 from Freedom Club PAC, a political action committee it oversees. 

Building a Better Phoenix had originally reported that the money came from Scot Mussi, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s executive director.

Mussi last month denied contributing the money and told the Arizona Mirror that it came from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and Freedom Club PAC. A month later, Building a Better Phoenix hadn’t yet amended its campaign finance reports, prompting a transit-focused nonprofit group, the Urban Phoenix Project, to file a campaign finance complaint with the city. 

Building a Better Phoenix missed the deadline to file an official response. 

City spokeswoman Stephanie Bracken said the matter isn’t wrapped up yet because the clerk’s office is still reviewing the complaint.


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