Tiffini Gallant

Tiffini Gallant

Tiffini Gallant is a creative writer and opinion columnist based out of Billings, Montana. With a background in public relations and work for the public and private sectors, she is enthusiastic about storytelling. She writes for diverse clients, from restaurants and breweries to nonprofits and healthcare giants. Her nights are spent devouring books and crafting commentary rooted in research and distinguished by an often irreverent tone.


Which books do conservatives want to use as kindling?

By: - January 3, 2022

I was in middle school when I first learned of the Harry Potter series making waves in the Christian community. As the daughter of devout Southern Baptist who took the Bible as law, woe unto them that call evil good. Reading a coming-of-age story about a magical boy and all his wand-wielding, spell-casting friends was […]