Robin Bravender

Robin Bravender

Robin Bravender was the States Newsroom Washington Bureau Chief from January 2019 until June 2020. She coordinated the network’s national coverage and reported on states’ congressional delegations, federal agencies, the White House and the federal courts. Prior to that, Robin was an editor and reporter at E&E News, a reporter at Politico, and a freelance producer for Reuters TV.

McKinney death penalty case divides U.S. Supreme Court

By: - December 11, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared split Wednesday as justices considered an appeal from James McKinney, who has been on death row in Arizona since 1993.

GOP unmoved as Dems lay out impeachment case against Trump

By: - December 9, 2019

Lawyers for U.S. House Democrats laid out their best case for impeaching President Donald Trump on Monday, warning that his behavior continues to pose an “imminent threat” to national security.

U.S. House passes legislation to crack down on voter suppression

By: - December 6, 2019

The U.S. House passed legislation on Friday that would give the federal government broader authority to police voting rights violations across the country. 

Trump’s SNAP rule changes could end food stamps for 72K in Arizona

By: and - December 5, 2019

The Trump administration this week finalized a regulation that could knock almost 7,000 poor Arizonans off food stamp benefits – but that figure could grow to more than 72,000 if two other proposed regulations go into effect.

Abuse of power, bribery, obstruction: Democrats’ impeachment plan takes shape

By: - December 4, 2019

As the House Judiciary Committee held its first official impeachment hearing on Wednesday, Democrats signaled that they intend to accuse Trump of abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of Congress and obstruction of justice. 

U.S. Supreme Court may sidestep a big Second Amendment fight

By: - December 3, 2019

A high-profile gun rights case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday might be dismissed with little fanfare. 

4 AZ Dems back plan for 100% clean energy by 2050

By: and - November 22, 2019

Four Arizona Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors of ambitious legislation that would commit the United States to achieve a 100% clean energy economy by 2050.

‘He knows he’s screwing with everyone’: Gosar embraces conspiracy theories

By: - November 21, 2019

Rep. Paul Gosar isn’t apologizing for advancing conspiracy theories to attract attention. 

Watchdog agency: 6 AZ Superfund sites threatened by climate change

By: - November 19, 2019

Six of the most contaminated sites in Arizona are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, according to a report from a government watchdog agency.

Congress renews push for Equal Rights Amendment in wake of Virginia’s blue wave

By: - November 13, 2019

The U.S. House advanced a resolution on Wednesday that aims to ease the ratification of a Constitutional amendment that would ensure equality for U.S. citizens under the law, regardless of their sex. 

Donald Trump

U.S. House green-lights Trump impeachment inquiry

By: - October 31, 2019

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday voted to formalize its impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. 

AZ senators split on vote to overturn Trump health insurance policy

By: - October 30, 2019

U.S. Senate Democrats failed on Wednesday to overturn a Trump administration policy that allows states to ignore certain requirements of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act.