Rashaad Thomas

Rashaad Thomas

Rashaad Thomas is a United States Air Force Veteran, freelance writer and poet who lives in south Phoenix. He was named Best Poet by Phoenix New Times in 2019. His work can be found in the book "Trayvon Martin, Race, and American Justice: Writing Wrong," The Rumpus, Heart Journal Online, Columbia Poetry Review and others.


Police officers with untreated mental illness are the real danger

By: - February 25, 2021

Johnny Law is deathly afraid of mental illness. And that fear creates a threat to the public: Police officers with untreated mental health issues remaining on duty.


I know firsthand the deadly effects of environmental racism

By: - February 23, 2021

I charge the city of Phoenix with negligent homicide for willfully ignoring the impact of environmental racism on Black and Brown people and for perpetrating miscarriages in South Phoenix. 


COVID-19 is a health crisis. So is wearing a pandemic mask while black.

By: - June 5, 2020

It is terrifying to be a Black boy and man in America. During the global pandemic, as a Black man trying to protect himself, a mask on my face adds to the fear, despite our leaders’ cognitive dissonance.


The COVID-19 pandemic response is a covert war against black people

By: - May 26, 2020

We are living in a time of war in our approach to fighting COVID-19 and the coronavirus that causes it. President Donald Trump refers to himself as a “wartime president.” The media uses “war” as a metaphor. Doctors and nurses are “troops” on the front lines. America’s militarized law enforcement and National Guard impose stay-at-home […]