Parker Shea

Parker Shea joins the Arizona Mirror after recently graduating from Arizona State University, where he was editor-in-chief of State Press Magazine. He hopes to one day have a career reporting on issues related to the environment. He is a daily runner and enjoys exploring the Arizona wilderness.


Auditor General finds deficiencies in ABOR real estate dealings

By: and - October 16, 2019

University of Arizona failed to properly oversee a commercial real estate project and allowed millions of dollars to be improperly spent, and there is a general lack of transparency and oversight at university real estate projects overseen across the state by the Arizona Board of Regents, state auditors concluded.

Navajo buy-back program hit wall as many owners refused to sell, land commissioner says

By: - October 15, 2019

The latest round of the Department of Interior’s federal buy-back program aimed at consolidating ownership of tribal lands hit a wall in Navajo country, as three-quarters of buy-back offers were not accepted. 

Resolution Copper Mine widely condemned at final public hearing

By: - October 11, 2019

Members of the San Carlos Apache, conservationists, rock climbers, retired miners, veterans and regular Valley residents mostly agreed at an Oct. 10 public hearing in Tempe: Very few people besides those that would make money from it want Resolution Copper Mine. 

Biggs, Gosar, Lesko want Trump to subsidize American uranium companies

By: - October 10, 2019

Three of Arizona’s four Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives called on President Donald Trump to “revive and expand” the atrophied domestic uranium industry through government subsidies just days before his Nuclear Fuel Working Group released its recommendations.

Why didn’t Navajo landowners take Interior Department’s buyback offers this year?

By: - October 9, 2019

The U.S. Department of Interior’s latest round of its land buyback program ended in September for all Navajo Nation applicants, and DOI’s early data show a sharp decline in participation. As of Sept. 27, only 23% of Navajo landowners who had offers participated in the program, compared to 43% in the program’s last round in […]

Retired AZ Bureau of Land Management leaders: Trump’s reorganization will gut the agency we built

By: - October 2, 2019

Despite being in his mid-80s, Dean Bibles’s memory is sharp. That is why he said he is deeply upset by the Trump administration’s decision to decentralize the BLM, scattering career BLM staff in D.C. all over the Western states.

Congressional hearing on voting rights in AZ focuses on obstacles faced by voters of color

By: - October 1, 2019

Obstacles to voting in Indian Country were the dominant point of discussion Tuesday at a subcommittee hearing, which ended with a heated exchange between a Republican state lawmaker and several Democratic members of Congress. 

Inequality among Arizona children living in concentrated poverty

By: - September 24, 2019

A new analysis of Census data finds that children of color live in concentrated poverty at rates multiple times that of their white counterparts. 

House panel will devise ways to loosen water rules in Pinal County to help developers

By: - September 24, 2019

A new legislative ad hoc committee will come up with ways to loosen the permitting process for groundwater access in one of the state’s driest counties. 

Nuclear industry urges Trump to open public land, including Grand Canyon, for uranium mining

By: - September 17, 2019

The nation’s largest nuclear lobby last month urged President Donald Trump to lift restrictions on uranium mining on public land, a move that would greatly affect the Grand Canyon region.

House Dems urge Phoenix hotel to remove ‘slur’ from its name

By: - September 9, 2019

Four Arizona House Democrats penned a letter last month urging the new owner of the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix to change its offensive name. 

Activists protest McSally’s lack of action to fight climate change

By: - August 30, 2019

Environmental activists took to street corners and hosted a town hall Thursday to protest Republican U.S. Sen. Martha McSally’s inaction on climate change.