Michael McDaniel/Courthouse News Service

Michael McDaniel/Courthouse News Service

Michael McDaniel is a Phoenix-based reporter for Courthouse News, covering the courts for both civil and criminal cases.

Voting groups fight to block law that can criminalize Arizona voter registration

By: - August 19, 2022

PHOENIX (CN) — Voting advocacy groups sued Arizona to block a new law that could criminalize volunteers or organizations who provide registration or voter assistance to individuals registered to vote outside the state. According to the federal complaint filed Monday evening in Phoenix, Senate Bill 1260 is a vague law that affords officials subjective measures to target volunteers and […]

sports gambling

Cracks are showing a year after Arizona legalized sports gambling

By: - July 25, 2022

In 1989, baseball fans were heartbroken when commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti expelled Pete Rose from the game for his gambling addiction. Rose’s bookie said an average bettor would lose around 5% of their invested money weekly. Fans knew Rose was anything but average. “He lost over what you would expect to lose,” said Ronald Peters, […]

Federal judge blocks prosecutions under Arizona ‘personhood’ law

By: - July 12, 2022

PHOENIX (CN) — A federal judge in Arizona decided Monday that the state should not be able to prosecute abortion providers under the “personhood” law that extends constitutional rights to fetuses at every gestational stage. U.S. District Court Judge Douglas L. Rayes said Arizona’s legal definition of a person conflicts with what a fetus is […]