Michael Ritter

Michael Ritter

Michael Ritter is an assistant professor of political science at Washington State University. His research and teaching interests include American politics, comparative politics, voting and elections, election administration, inequality, methodology, and public policy. He is particularly interested in how election laws and election administration shape political participation. Ritter's recent book, Accessible Elections: How the States Can Help Americans Vote, examines how state convenience voting laws (absentee and mail voting, early voting, and same day registration) and election administration impact voter turnout, voter turnout equality by race and socio-economic status, and campaign mobilization.


Supreme Court weighs voting rights in a pivotal Arizona case

By: and - June 10, 2021

Would you vote by mail if you had to drive hours to a post office to mail your ballot? That question confronts the United States Supreme Court this session in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, which analysts see as one of the most important voting rights cases in a decade.