Jerod MacDonald-Evoy

Jerod MacDonald-Evoy

Reporter Jerod MacDonald-Evoy joined the Arizona Mirror from the Arizona Republic, where he spent 4 years covering everything from dark money in politics to Catholic priest sexual abuse scandals. He brings strong watchdog sensibilities and creative storytelling skills to the Arizona Mirror.

Rental company changes name, website after complaint about ASU trademark infringement

By: - December 13, 2018

Infamous Tempe landlord Tim Wright appears to have had to change his company’s name, Rent Me ASU, likely due to pressure from Arizona State University.

Roadblocks exist for affordable housing

By: - December 13, 2018

Affordable housing is becoming a bigger and bigger issue to residents and politicians alike in Arizona but conflicts between state law and what local municipalities want to do is a major hurdle.

Dentists want AHCCCS to provide dental care to pregnant women

By: - December 11, 2018

The dental industry is a complex one that is currently undergoing some changes, but despite certain roadblocks, dental advocates are heading to the Capitol again when the legislature convenes in January to push for better access to care. For the last three years, Kevin Earle, Executive Director for the Arizona Dental Association, and others have […]

Luxury condos to replace Tempe Mobile Home Park

By: - November 29, 2018

The owners of a former mobile home park in Tempe had been mum about what their plans for the property were, but Tuesday night the first hurdle towards building on the former trailer park property was successfully passed.

Understanding immigration terms

By: - November 26, 2018

In this Arizona Mirror video, learn the differences and distinctions between terms like migrant, immigrant, asylum and refugee.

What is it like when the police use an LRAD ‘sound cannon’ to disperse a crowd?

By: - November 26, 2018

Journalist Andrew Neef was there the first time a Long Range Acoustic Device, commonly referred to as an LRAD, was ever used on US soil. “It felt like my head was going to pop,” Neef recalled.

White Gold: Sales tactics changing the dental industry

By: - November 26, 2018

Real estate agents, salespeople and department store clerks are all known to often work on commission, but another industry has been quietly changing into a commision-based enterprise, and most consumers would have no way of knowing: the local dentist.

Tempe, Phoenix police lack policies on deploying ‘sound cannons’

By: - November 16, 2018

The Phoenix Police Department recently won city council approval to purchase a device critics call a “sound cannon,” making it the second Valley law enforcement agency, along with the Tempe Police Department, to own the equipment.

Inspections of HUD housing in Arizona on the decline

By: - November 16, 2018

Of Arizona’s 235 private and public Housing and Urban Development housing projects, only 17 have had inspections this year, according to data published today by ProPublica.

Did Phoenix Police just buy a sound cannon or a speaker?

By: - November 12, 2018

The City of Phoenix recently decided to spend $95,000 on a new piece of gear for Phoenix Police, but what it is and what it does depends on who you ask.

What happens now that Phoenix passed an anti-dark-money measure?

By: - November 9, 2018

Voters in Phoenix overwhelmingly approved a measure to force non-profit entities that spend money to influence city elections to disclose their contributors in an attempt to shine a light on “dark money,” but the measure is in violation of a new state law and the stage is now set for a legal battle.

Clean energy and school voucher propositions go down in flames

By: - November 7, 2018

Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to expand a controversial school voucher program, which opponents referred to the ballot last year after its passage by the Legislature. Another measure which would have imposed a massive new renewable energy mandate on Arizona utilities also lost in a landslide. Proposition 305, which would have expanded the […]