Frank LoMonte

Frank LoMonte

Frank LoMonte teaches media and First Amendment law at the University of Florida. He is the director of the Joseph L. Brechner Center for Freedom of Information, a think-tank devoted to promoting access to essential information, and publisher of The Journal of Civic Information, a quarterly open-access journal of practical scholarship. He is executive producer of the award-winning investigative podcast about secrecy in government, "Why Don't We Know," hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sara Ganim. From 2008 until 2017. LoMonte served as executive director of the Student Press Law Center in Washington, D.C., a nonprofit advocate for the rights of student journalists.


Lawsuits over critical race theory bans are coming. Here’s what won’t work — and what might.

By: - July 30, 2021

As states and school districts started threatening teachers with disciplinary action for teaching about systemic racism, the question naturally arose: Does this violate the teachers’ First Amendment rights? The First Amendment protects free speech against government punishment, outside of something as extreme as a threat of violence. A school district is a government agency. So […]