Fiona L.Q. Flaherty/Cronkite News

Fiona L.Q. Flaherty/Cronkite News

Forest health in Arizona: Stressed by drought and pests, trees are losing resilience to changing climate

By: - May 10, 2022

FLAGSTAFF – The electric blue sky frames a stand of ponderosa pines – their ramrod trunks picket the forest floor as sunlight floods the ground. A breeze tickles the green needles, mingling dust with the heady scent of pine. At first, it’s easy to mistake the sound of branches in the wind for a rushing […]

Time, tradition and trust: The Navajo Nation takes on climate change

By: - April 12, 2022

PHOENIX – For many years, Tsegi Canyon on the Navajo Nation struggled: Its dry walls and streambanks were eroding, exposing crumbling red soil to the desert sky. Its springs were drying up; native plants were few and far between on the canyon floor, often replaced by invasive weeds. This land, beautiful and remote, was tired, […]