Dale Baich

Dale Baich

Dale A. Baich is the former head of the Capital Habeas Unit at the Federal Defender’s Office in Arizona. He oversaw the final appeals of prisoners before their executions by Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and the federal government, and select cases in Ohio and California as well. He also guided the litigation that established the current Arizona execution protocol and the Oklahoma case, Glossip v. Gross in the U.S. Supreme Court. He achieved a handful of exonerations but also witnessed the executions of 15 people.

Poorly executed: The politics behind executions

By: and - April 28, 2023

Aaron Gunches killed a man on the Beeline Highway in 2002. His girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend came to visit and overstayed his welcome. The two exes quarreled, it turned physical, and the woman hit her ex-boyfriend in the face with a phone, not knocking him completely out, but making him groggy. Gunches decided to put him on […]

Poorly executed: ‘The experiment failed,’ halting executions in Arizona

By: and - April 27, 2023

Executions are absurd but solemn rituals. In Arizona, they are carried out at what is left of the old central unit in Florence, in a small building called Housing Unit 9 inside the prison walls. And, by law, they are attended by witnesses to make sure that justice is served. Who are the witnesses? The condemned […]

Poorly executed: IVs and ironies

By: and - April 26, 2023

People have asked me many times if I was scared when I interviewed convicted murderers. My answer is that the scariest thing about most murderers is that they aren’t scary. They committed horrible acts, but they don’t usually look like crazed killers in movies. They look and talk like anyone else, which makes you realize […]

Poorly executed: The ‘Golden Age of executions’ comes to an end

By: and - April 25, 2023

In Spring 2010, attorney Dale Baich attended a court hearing for a client on Ohio’s death row who had a scheduled execution date. The Ohio attorney general remarked that the state was having difficulty obtaining one of the drugs they needed to carry out the execution, sodium thiopental. Dale was then the head of the […]

Poorly executed: How Arizona has failed at carrying out the death penalty

By: and - April 24, 2023

It could have been a reception after a funeral: cold cuts, breads and salads set out for the guests. But it was a somber gathering in a conference room at the Central Prison Unit in Florence after the execution of Robert Comer in May 2007, and the buffet was set by the Arizona Department of […]