Anushka Sarkar

Anushka Sarkar

Anushka Sarkar is the deputy communications director & press secretary at Stand Up America, a progressive advocacy organization with over two million community members across the country focused on grassroots advocacy to stand up to corruption and voter suppression and build a more representative democracy. Before joining Stand Up America, Anushka worked at a progressive nonprofit issue advocacy group in Washington, D.C., on economic justice issues like wealth taxation and reining in corporate power.


Arizona is leading the way on new anti-democratic laws fueled by Republican election lies

By: and - April 4, 2022

As right-wing legislators are restricting access to the ballot for millions across the country, the nation’s most severe attack on our sacred freedom to vote is happening right here in Arizona. Last week, Gov. Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2492, a bill that could potentially purge hundreds of thousands of Arizonans from the voter rolls […]