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The ‘blue wave’ will make it harder for ballot measures to actually be on...

The surge in turnout carried Democrats to victory up and down the ballot in Arizona, but it will also have an effect on elections for the next four years: The estimated 2.4 million ballots cast will make it much more difficult for groups to place initiatives on the ballot or block laws passed by the Legislature by sending them to voters.

Did Phoenix Police just buy a sound cannon or a speaker?

The City of Phoenix recently decided to spend $95,000 on a new piece of gear for Phoenix Police, but what it is and what it does depends on who you ask.

Frank Riggs and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Twitter

A former California congressman who this year lost his second statewide race in Arizona in four years went on several Twitter tirades against political gadflies and this reporter Sunday evening, during which he called critics “gutless punks,” “cowards,” “sniveling” and “trolls,” and belittled them for never having served in the military.

What happens now that Phoenix passed an anti-dark-money measure?

Voters in Phoenix overwhelmingly approved a measure to force non-profit entities that spend money to influence city elections to disclose their contributors in an attempt to shine a light on “dark money,” but the measure is in violation of a new state law and the stage is now set for a legal battle.

Democrats won’t control the AZ House, but their power has increased

Democrats are still the minority in the Arizona House of Representatives, but are poised to capture more seats in the Legislature’s lower chamber than...

Don’t believe everything you read on social media

The midterms are just about to enter their final stage and politicians, PACs and pundits are in overdrive – but so is the disinformation....

More votes cast early in 2018 than in all of 2014

The number of ballots voted early in 2018 has surpassed the total number of votes cast in the 2014 elections, the last time Arizona voters went to the polls to elect statewide officers.

Federal civil rights observers coming to AZ for Election Day

The U.S. Department of Justice is deploying personnel from its Civil Rights Division to four Arizona counties tomorrow to “monitor for compliance with... federal voting rights laws.”

The security firm Tempe hired to patrol its parks has a checkered past

One thing that got lost in the discussion is G4S’s history of controversy and the growing trend of cities hiring private security firms to do what would normally be a job for the police.

Arizona ranks low on representation by population

Some people say less is more, but could that old adage apply to representation in Washington, D.C. for Arizonans?