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Ducey signs bill to move up primary election date

Arizona’s primary election, among the latest in the country every two years, will be slightly earlier starting in 2020.Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday signed...

Budget would force Flagstaff to pay state for minimum wage costs

Flagstaff voters who twice approved a $15 minimum wage may soon find their city on the hook to pay for some of the extra costs that state is incurring because of it.

The state budget proposal, annotated

The House of Representatives is currently debating the budget proposal in its Appropriations Committee, and the Senate is set to do the same today. Republican leaders have said they hope to bring the spending package to the floor for debate and a vote by Thursday.

Progressives protest Sinema at Dem Party dinner

Ten members of Progressive Democrats for America at the party’s 2019 Mofford-Warner Dinner on Saturday held up signs during Sinema’s speech that said “Vote like a Democrat.”

Schweikert: Under Dems, U.S. House is ‘a theatrical body’

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash made news over the weekend when he became the first Republican in Congress to publicly declare that President Donald Trump...

Townsend calls out security, humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border

Rep. Kelly Townsend on Monday presented a proclamation on the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives declaring a security and humanitarian crisis at the border with Mexico.

AP: Ducey, GOP leaders strike deal on budget

The Associated Press reported Sunday afternoon that Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican legislative leaders have reached a deal for a spending plan in the upcoming year, which begins July 1. 

Ducey to decide on bill to slightly move up primary

Gov. Doug Ducey will get the final say on whether to move Arizona’s primary election, which is among the latest in the United States,...

US governors proposed $2.9B in new spending on early childhood, Ducey proposed $0 in...

In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey is one of 17 governors – two Democrats, 15 Republicans – to propose no new state spending on early childhood programs.

Why there was no mandatory recall on DPS pistols

Once the Arizona Department of Public Safety notified Fabrique Nationale of the issue it discovered with company’s premier line of striker pistols, it took four months for the firearms manufacturer to publicly acknowledge the issue.