Farnsworth bill would make DCS provide monthly report on missing kids

The Republican senator who has suggested without evidence that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is linked to a global child-sex-trafficking cabal wants the agency to create new reports on children under its care who go missing.

The measure, Senate Bill 1013, would require that the confidential report be sent monthly to the governor, the chief justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, the president of the Arizona Senate and the speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.

The report would contain all missing children “sorted by when each child went missing” and shall include “the age of each child at the time the child went missing” as well as “an appropriately redacted detailed description of the circumstances related to the missing status of the child.” 

Farnsworth’s bill would allow any legislator to view the reports. 

DCS’s most recent monthly operational and outcome report sets the number of children who are missing from state care at 45. If runaways are included, that number rises to 234. The report currently put out by DCS does not include the circumstances of how the children went missing. 

Farnsworth has been critical of DCS, claiming it may be complicit in the sex trafficking of children

He acknowledges he doesn’t have any evidence of his claim.

“I am confident that some children that DCS are losing are ending up in sex trafficking,” Farnsworth previously told the Mirror. “How they are getting there I don’t know. I don’t want to think that someone might be complicit … Do I deny that that might be a possibility? No. Do I hope that is not true? Yes. Do I know whether its not true or not? No, I do not. I have no evidence one way or the other.” 

Friday marks the first day that lawmakers are able to file proposed legislation for the upcoming 2020 legislative session that begins in January. 

Farnsworth did not respond to a request for comment.