VP Pence coming to Arizona to bolster McSally

Vice President Mike Pence. Photo by Gage Skidmore | Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Vice President Mike Pence will join U.S. Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona this week at a series of private events in Green Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Few details have been released about the trip.

Pence is scheduled to take part in a fundraiser for McSally in Phoenix on Wednesday, and a roundtable discussion at a Scottsdale church Thursday morning with a group of Hispanic leaders.

The vice president will promote the Trump administration’s United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement at a meeting in Green Valley later that day. The event will not be open to the public.

While McSally’s office said that the trip is not campaign-related, Arizona Democratic spokesman Brad Bainum blasted Pence for “making a fundraising trip to bail out unelected Sen. Martha McSally.”

The Republican, who was appointed to the Senate after losing the November 2018 election to Krysten Sinema, faces an election next year to hang on to her seat, with Mark Kelly, husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, as her likely Democratic opponent.

McSally has drawn a pair of right-wing challengers in the GOP primary: skincare company exec Daniel McCarthy and former revenge-porn website operator Craig Brittain.

McSally has closely allied herself with President Donald Trump from the beginning of her 2018 Senate campaign, despite earlier attempting to leave some distance between herself and the White House when she held a Southern Arizona congressional seat.

Pence’s visit, even if not nominally connected to her campaign, is an opportunity for McSally to display her Trump-supporting credentials to members of Republican factions that might be wavering in their support of her.

Pence visited Arizona in April to garner publicity for Trump’s border-wall plans.

This story originally appeared on TucsonSentinel.com.

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  1. So the Hypocrite in Chief, Pence, is coming to Green Valley to promote McSally in her bid to get elected to the senate.

    As for McSally, first off, thank you for your service as a fighter pilot.
    But, as for McSally’s service as a senator, you are nothing more than a trump minion. Putting it mildly, I wouldn’t vote for McSally if she were the only name on the ballot. I would have to write in a name. Maybe my dog’s name.

    Why wouldn’t I vote for her? Because she is a trump minion. She has backed trump on everything he wanted including the repeal of the ACA. She was quoted as saying, in a meeting of Republicans about the repeal, she said: “let’s get this f&&&ing thing over with.”

    Her constituents here in Green Valley are mostly retired people who need help with their health care. too many people would have been left without health care if the ACA had been repealed. How anybody could vote for her is way beyond me.

  2. Impressive comments…as usual you are not entitled to your own facts. First, the Vice President’s trip to Green Valley is not a campaign support of Senator McSally; however, it is in support of the recently agreed upon USCMA which the Democrats in the house have failed to bring to the floor. This valuable piece of legislation is good for the American people and workers of this country.

    You talked about healthcare, don’t look very far as the current ACA is 100% owned by the Democrats. I get a laugh when all the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are in support of “health care for everyone”. So much for improving on the wonderful ACA passed by only Democrats. Why don’t we improve on the current ACA? Maybe because it is a huge failure and why are we putting Democrats in charge of our healthcare? Why not listen to the opposing party’s solution. It seems you have discounted their plan before it has been proposed.


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