Most expensive legislative races in LD28, LD18

Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s reelection bid is on pace to be one of the most expensive legislative campaigns in Arizona history. As of Sept. 30, the Phoenix Republican had raised nearly $370,000 and spent more than $245,000 to retain her seat in the state Senate.

Both figures are far and away the largest among legislative hopefuls in 2018, according to campaign finance reports filed yesterday that detail campaign activity from Aug. 12 through Sept. 30.

Brophy McGee’s campaign haul includes about $65,000 she loaned herself. She also has another $50,000 left over from her previous campaign.

Her opponent to represent Legislative District 28, which runs from Sunnyslope to Arcadia, is Democrat Christine Porter Marsh, who has raised nearly $187,000 and spent almost $108,000.

In all, 29 legislative candidates have reported more than $100,000 of income for the election.

Another expensive Senate race is in Legislative District 18, where incumbent Democrat Sean Bowie is hoping to defeat Republican Frank Schmuck, as he did in 2016. Bowie has raised nearly $230,000, but has been outpaced by Schmuck, who has reported $261,000 in income. Of that, more than $170,000 has come from Schmuck’s own pocket, and another $25,000 was left over from his 2016 campaign.

Legislative District 28 is also the home of the most expensive race for the House of Representatives. Democratic candidates Kelli Butler and Aaron Lieberman have raised $156,000 and $200,000, respectively. Their Republican opponents, incumbent Maria Syms and Kathy Pappas Petsas, have raised $146,000 and $114,000.

Explore the 100 legislative candidates who raised the most money for 2018 in the table below.

KATE BROPHY MCGEESenator Dist 28RepPrivate$418,593$245,643
FRANK SCHMUCKSenator Dist 18RepPrivate$260,922$105,375
SEAN BOWIESenator Dist 18DemPrivate$229,617$132,909
DEBBIE LESKOSenator Dist 21RepPrivate$220,236$71,453
AARON LIEBERMANRep Dist 28DemPrivate$200,232$128,072
HEATHER CARTERSenator Dist 15RepPrivate$199,907$141,164
CHRISTINE PORTER MARSHSenator Dist 28DemPrivate$186,837$107,642
TIMOTHY JEFFRIESSenator Dist 23RepPrivate$179,632$164,271
J.D. MESNARDSenator Dist 17RepPrivate$174,227$52,933
KAREN FANNSenator Dist 1RepPrivate$169,856$24,504
DAVID STRINGERRep Dist 1RepPrivate$161,936$136,338
KELLI BUTLERRep Dist 28DemPrivate$155,652$90,171
VENDEN "VINCE" W LEACHSenator Dist 11RepPrivate$152,154$31,328
HOLLACE LYONRep Dist 11DemPrivate$146,146$32,067
MARIA SYMSRep Dist 28RepPrivate$146,134$54,645
JEFF WENINGERRep Dist 17RepPrivate$144,518$81,213
TIMOTHY DUNNRep Dist 13RepPrivate$130,423$113,954
JILL NORGAARDRep Dist 18RepPrivate$122,594$60,588
THOMAS R JR. SHOPERep Dist 8RepPrivate$118,166$47,971
KATHY PAPPAS PETSASRep Dist 28RepPrivate$114,225$40,105
JAMES BUSE III LINDBLOMSenator Dist 12RepPrivate$113,785$108,217
KATHY KNECHTSenator Dist 21OthPrivate$113,385$41,498
RAQUEL TERANRep Dist 30DemPrivate$113,365$105,087
FELICIA FRENCHRep Dist 6DemPrivate$110,849$60,902
SHAWNNA BOLICKRep Dist 20RepPrivate$110,805$13,954
DAVID COOKRep Dist 8RepPrivate$106,297$19,943
REGINA E. COBBRep Dist 5RepPrivate$104,770$85,365
AMISH SHAHRep Dist 24DemPrivate$102,352$97,765
SINE KERRSenator Dist 13RepPrivate$100,184$89,579
DENISE "MITZI" EPSTEINRep Dist 18DemPrivate$99,434$60,828
ROBERT MEZA JRRep Dist 30DemPrivate$96,019$96,715
DREW JOHNSenator Dist 14RepPrivate$95,785$93,191
ANDRES CANORep Dist 3DemPrivate$92,479$89,767
LELA ALSTONSenator Dist 24DemPrivate$91,356$36,341
CHARLENE R FERNANDEZRep Dist 4DemPrivate$87,927$31,607
MARK FINCHEMRep Dist 11RepPrivate$85,382$44,733
DAVID GOWANSenator Dist 14RepPrivate$83,683$82,030
KIRSTEN ENGELRep Dist 10DemPrivate$83,429$55,136
JENNIFER LONGDONRep Dist 24DemPrivate$83,379$75,135
MICHELLE UGENTI-RITASenator Dist 23RepPrivate$81,283$95,152
KRISTINA KELLYSenator Dist 23RepPrivate$79,528$77,221
STEVE FARLEYSenator Dist 9DemPrivate$78,086$85,240
DARIN MITCHELLRep Dist 13RepPrivate$76,615$49,071
BENJAMIN TOMARep Dist 22RepPrivate$76,602$57,881
FRANK PRATTSenator Dist 8RepPrivate$75,733$43,105
JOHN GLENNRep Dist 24DemPrivate$73,363$56,939
RICK GRAYSenator Dist 21RepPrivate$73,169$21,656
PAUL BOYERSenator Dist 20RepPrivate$72,680$51,037
JOHN KAVANAGHRep Dist 23RepPrivate$68,035$15,817
STEVEN R WEICHERTSenator Dist 17DemPrivate$67,906$57,670
JENNIFER PAWLIKRep Dist 17DemPrivate$67,125$46,094
MARCUS FERRELLRep Dist 24DemPrivate$67,116$68,631
JAY A LAWRENCERep Dist 23RepPrivate$65,483$48,975
REGINALD BOLDINGRep Dist 27DemPrivate$64,634$81,115
SYLVIA TENNEY ALLENSenator Dist 6RepPrivate$63,697$22,022
WARREN PETERSENRep Dist 12RepPrivate$63,686$27,725
J0HN ALLENRep Dist 15RepPrivate$63,019$12,035
KEN CLARKRep Dist 24DemPrivate$62,469$64,692
TERI SARMIENTORep Dist 22DemPrivate$62,182$46,778
ANTHONY T KERNRep Dist 20RepPrivate$61,880$21,966
WADE L. CARLISLESenator Dist 6DemPrivate$60,789$39,970
BILL BROTHERTONRep Dist 30DemPrivate$60,355$49,160
JOSE RIVERORep Dist 21RepPrivate$60,298$51,081
BLAKE SACHARep Dist 12RepPrivate$58,320$58,320
RANDALL S FRIESERep Dist 9DemPrivate$58,063$29,020
KELLY TOWNSENDRep Dist 16RepPrivate$57,706$51,047
ROBERT TYLERRep Dist 6DemPrivate$55,895$44,552
JENNIFER JERMAINERep Dist 18DemPrivate$54,183$34,047
KIMBERLY YEESenator Dist 20RepPrivate$51,850$51,214
LORENZO SIERRARep Dist 19DemPrivate$51,356$50,829
REBECCA RIOSSenator Dist 27DemPrivate$50,603$40,988
ALMA C HERNANDEZRep Dist 3DemPrivate$50,188$32,586
DANIEL JR HERNANDEZRep Dist 2DemPrivate$49,183$44,949
JENNIFER SAMUELSRep Dist 15DemPublic$48,812$35,654
VICTORIA L. STEELESenator Dist 9DemPublic$48,692$26,522
NORA ELLENRep Dist 17RepPrivate$47,983$48,095
CHRISTOPHER LOFTUS GILFILLANRep Dist 20DemPublic$47,953$41,237
BRET ROBERTSRep Dist 11RepPublic$47,644$23,373
JO CRAYCRAFTSenator Dist 1DemPublic$47,554$25,369
MARY-KATHERRINE MICHELLE HARRISSenator Dist 13DemPublic$47,387$29,938
JUAN JOSE MENDEZSenator Dist 26DemPublic$47,253$35,583
OTONIEL NAVARRETESenator Dist 30DemPrivate$47,230$45,192
JAN MANOLISRep Dist 1DemPublic$47,224$22,090
SHARON GIRARDSenator Dist 8DemPublic$47,103$29,648
RALPH ATCHUESenator Dist 11DemPublic$46,877$26,373
ANDREA DALESSANDROSenator Dist 2DemPublic$46,863$31,470
ERIC KURLANDRep Dist 23DemPublic$46,858$35,534
JULIE GUNNIGLERep Dist 15DemPublic$46,856$28,424
DOUGLAS ERVINSenator Dist 20DemPublic$46,824$40,541
JOSEPH BISACCIARep Dist 12DemPublic$46,765$39,708
KRISTIN DYBVIG-PAWELKOSenator Dist 15DemPublic$46,694$25,074
STEVE YARBROUGHRep Dist 17RepPrivate$46,640$30,162
RUSSELL W BOWERSRep Dist 25RepPrivate$46,609$33,134
DARIA LOHMANSenator Dist 23DemPublic$46,401$30,667
ROBERT WORSLEYSenator Dist 25RepPrivate$46,200$5,968
PAMELA POWERS HANNLEYRep Dist 9DemPublic$46,118$21,972
DON SHOOTERSenator Dist 13RepPrivate$46,010$47,975
LINDA GROSSRep Dist 8DemPublic$45,754$25,690
FRANK CARROLLRep Dist 22RepPublic$45,299$32,590


Jim Small
Jim Small is a native Arizonan and has covered state government, policy and politics since 2004, with a focus on investigative and in-depth policy reporting, first as a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, then as editor of the paper and its prestigious sister publications, the Yellow Sheet Report and Arizona Legislative Report. Under his guidance, the Capitol Times won numerous state, regional and national awards for its accountability journalism and probing investigations into state government operations.


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