Concert, theater owners call pandemic relief fund efforts a ‘disaster’

WASHINGTON -- Arizona business owners said a federal program aimed at helping theaters and concert venues shuttered by COVID-19 “has been a disaster,” taking until this month to deliver the first grants from a fund that was approved last year.
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Biden’s approach to immigration a welcome change, but still fundamentally flawed

Vice President Kamala Harris’s whirlwind swing recently through Guatemala and Mexico will do little to quell concerns in the short run about the latest surge of undocumented immigrants crossing our southern border, but it’s as good an occasion as any to take a measure of President Joe Biden’s emerging immigration doctrine.

Staring at a government shutdown, Republicans seek compromise on tax cuts

One of the two GOP holdouts blocking the proposed budget and tax cut plan forged by Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Doug Ducey is working on a compromise plan. 

Class action lawsuit filed against City of Phoenix, police chief for mass arrests

Twenty three people who Phoenix police rounded up and arrested for unfounded felony rioting charges filed a federal class action lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Police Chief Jeri Williams and three other employees of the Phoenix Police Department.

Supreme Court weighs voting rights in a pivotal Arizona case

Would you vote by mail if you had to drive hours to a post office to mail your ballot? That question confronts the United States Supreme Court this session in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, which analysts see as one of the most important voting rights cases in a decade.
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Redistricting mapping consultant defends work on Latino districts

A mapping consultant selected by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission says critics mischaracterized some of its past work, including on the Arizona legislative districts it helped draw 20 years ago.

Voting is a right I’ve fought to protect. Our senators need to do the...

My fellow Arizonans: I am a hospitality worker, a union member and a voting rights advocate; a Black woman and a mother; a proud Arizonan. I am also a veteran — I served 18 years in the Air Force — and a fighter for my country. 

Earmarks in U.S. House infrastructure bill tops $5.7B, including $92M for Arizona

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Democrats’ highway funding bill is poised to include roughly three out of five transportation projects submitted by members, as legislators vie for their share of federal dollars through the resurrected congressional earmarks process.
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Redistricting commission prepares to begin state tour, but dates uncertain and delay likely

The start of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission’s statewide listening tour could be pushed back as it finalizes details and sorts out details on when it can hold meetings in areas where public gatherings are still limited due to COVID-19.

Biden’s public lands pick wins backing by environmental advocates ahead of hearing

Environmental groups are lining up behind President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management prior to her Tuesday confirmation hearing.
David Cook

Globe Republican David Cook votes against flat-tax proposal, scuttling GOP budget

House Republicans’ effort to force through a budget fell short again as GOP Rep. David Cook continued his opposition over a massive income tax cut package. 

Vaccination rates drop, but officials still hopeful state can hit goal

COVID-19 vaccination rates have fallen sharply in Arizona, but health officials are still hopeful the state can reach a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goal of vaccinating 70% of Arizonans by July 4.



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